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Advanced Transformer Management System(ATMS)


Systems support many kind of communications such as NB-IoT,4G or Fiber-optical. Each type of communications has different characteristics and advantages.


1>Compared with LTE, NB IOT has a gain of 20dB, which is equivalent to a 100 times increase in transmission power, that is, a 100 times increase in coverage capacity, even in the underground garage, basement, underground pipeline and other places where signals are hard to reach, This characteristic accommodate the requirements of transformer situation.

2>The power consumption of NB-IoT equipment is very small, which greatly reduces the communication cost.

3>NB-IoT take the advantages of communication stable, taking the application of smart meter reading as an example, NB-IoT can ensure that the data recovery rate is 99% and the reliability is greatly improved compared with the success rate of 60% by using wired PLC.


1>The communication speed of 4G can reach 20MBps, which is suitable for transformer

situations with high requirements on communication speed.

2> Mature communication technology, wide compatibility, access to a variety of networks.

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