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The weak parts in The medium voltage side of the power distribution (35kv-10kv), the low voltage side of the power consumption (380v/220v) and metering system are easily be attacked. Direct power tempering from the MV line. New type of theft equipment for electricity use Shielding signal communication Change the sample current of the meter measurement If the meter crash down, cannot measure Change the main components inside the meter The collection of evidence caused by the new type of theft method is difficult, and the inspection work is difficult and has no idea. Advanced equipment for theft electricity, leaving no trace on the site. The methods of theft power is hidden, even if you have strong professional knowledge, it is difficult to find it. The AMI system has found abnormal line loss, but there is someone monitored at the site , they will change the site to legitimate before officers go there and check. Needn’t to change the metering circuit when theft electricity. Needn’t open the watch case when theft electricity, and do not damage the seal.

Line losses cause huge economic losses, especially for electric power company.


1. In China, the population of a city is 30 million, and the annual electricity consumption reaches 1100+ billion kWh. The abnormal line loss detected every year exceeds 300 million kWh.

2. More seriously, the abnormal line loss of a heavy industry prefecture-level city with a power consumption of 60 billion kWh has caused criticism from the central government.

3. it has been found that after the industrial park owner steals electricity, it is resold to users in the industrial park.


In order to solve the problem of high non-technical wire loss in the power supply department, the company provides power stealing technology means, anti-theft technology means training services, and sets up anti-theft technology means simulation laboratory services for employees of the power supply department.
1. Anti-theft simulation training room

The anti-theft simulation training room consists of 15 sets of anti-theft skills training devices, which can meet the full-system training of 60 students for high-supply, high-supply, low-power users and resident users. Each device is equipped independently. The measurement simulation system achieves the perfect combination of principle teaching and training.

2. Anti-theft operation room

According to the typical measurement method of 10kV line, it includes gateway metering, high supply and high meter, high supply and low meter, and public metering (general industrial and commercial users, resident users).Through the load control system, it can simulate a variety of measurement faults and tampering simulations, simulate tampering tests among users of various metering modes, simulate actual line loss changes, locate tampering areas and user specific tampering methods, and meet the electricity inspection personnel. Advanced training needs. The multi-faceted booth is used to display anti-theft cases, show the results of anti-theft, and can dynamically display the typical case on-site tampering video, maintain periodic updates and enrich the material, easy to explain and visit, and take into account the storage function of the case material library.

3. New theft Research Office

3.1 Power remote auditor

24-hour closed-loop monitoring of key users, monitoring the actual load on the line side, monitoring the internal parameters of the meter and monitoring the electromagnetic field in the meter box, remotely diagnosing the tampering mode, and accurately locking the tampering position.

a. Monitor the actual load of the user and send it to the set phone in a callable manner.

b. Monitor current shunt theft and compare primary load with secondary load.

c. Monitor the strong magnetic burglary alarm information.

d. Monitor voltage loss and under voltage alarm information.

e. Monitor the phase-shifting method to steal electricity and send alarm information.

f. The monitoring device is abnormally powered off and sends an alarm message.

g. Monitor the high frequency method to steal electricity and send alarm information.

h. The auditor works in GPRS mode and can be networked into a power remote auditing system.

i. Use special tools to install electricity and encrypt wireless data transmission.

3.2 anti-theft technology research laboratory remote monitoring platform

Based on the remote anti-theft platform, the new anti-theft technology research laboratory conducts real-time research on typical thief users in various industries in China, and analyzes the principle of tampering with the experimental platform to study new anti-theft methods and anti-theft schemes.

a. Remote anti-theft monitoring platform, configure pc server and related supporting facilities, study typical theft methods in various industries, analyze the principle of theft electricity according to the case of theft electricity, and study new anti-theft methods and anti-theft schemes;

b. Anti-theft comprehensive research test platform: high-supply meter, high-supply-low meter, public-change metering reserved three metering methods and test points for anti-theft and anti-theft technology research and test;

c. 3D simulation software: display a variety of tampering methods, and maintain periodic updates of the material, easy to explain and visit, while taking into account the storage function of the case material library;

d. Comprehensive test platform: experimental table, standard three-phase AC power supply, high-voltage metering cabinet, low-voltage metering cabinet, three-phase AC load box (resistive, capacitive, inductive), high-frequency signal generator, high-frequency signal monitoring device, Equipment such as an oscilloscope, an electric meter and a transformer that are dissected;

The different of load model

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