International Trade

China has a huge, complex and high technology of industrial collaboration network, Tengineer AIoT Co. as the most well-known technical solutions designer in field of Power IoT, provides design solutions for dozens of manufacturers, integrators, and became the bridge in the field of power distribution and consumption. We have signed cooperation agreements with a number of manufacturers as their representative. The international customers and manufacturers can establish a connection through Tengineer AIoT. The professional technical team of Tengineer AIoT will fully understand the needs of customers and negotiate with the selected manufactory and make the procurement. The manufacturers meantime are customers and technical scheme users of Tengineer AIoT Co., as an international user you do not need to worry about the qualification of the manufacturer, Tengineer AIoT Co. has completed the qualification review of the manufacturer before your inquiry. Tengineer AIoT Co. will complete domestic procurement, customs clearance and etc.

If you need to purchase the products of a well-known brand manufacturer directly, you can send us the instructions you want to buy, we will contact you as soon as possible, our email:

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