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Multi-meter centralized reading system:

The multi-meter collection and reading system transmits the data collected by water meter, gas meter, heat meter and electricity meter through a channel to avoid the repeated investment of various energy companies, and at the same time saves a lot of labor cost of collecting data by meter reading.

The construction of water, electricity, gas and heat multi-meter gathering and reading system is a work of convenience and benefit to the people, and it is of great significance and promoting function to improve the service level of public utilities.It will realize the analysis of the whole society's energy use, maximize the use of resource value, and solve the technical problems in the construction of dynamic data platform for electricity, water, gas and heat cross-industry operation.We should improve community management and service supporting construction, improve the level of intelligent community construction, make it convenient for residents to inquire and pay various fees, build a new energy-using service model, and build an energy-saving society.

Energy Internet (Comprehensive energy) information acquisition system

Relying on the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, the system connects users' energy equipment, terminal equipment and energy conversion system through the Internet of things, so as to achieve multi-energy information collection and interconnection.To provide users with cold, hot, water, electricity, gas and other multi-energy monitoring and management, energy structure optimization, energy efficiency monitoring management, intelligent operation and maintenance management, distribution equipment monitoring and other integrated solutions and services.

Energy Internet (Comprehensive energy) control system

Relying on cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet technology, the system supports deployment of public cloud and private cloud models, and can expand relevant advanced applications and integrate external application systems.The platform consists of five core subsystems: energy trading service system, demand-side management and demand response and energy efficiency analysis system, micro-grid operation monitoring (control) system, distributed energy monitoring and scheduling system, energy interconnection and micro-grid operation control center and decision support system.Realize the goal of multi-energy complementary integration and comprehensive utilization and multi-energy cooperative operation optimization.

In the process of planning, construction and operation and so on, for all kinds of energy generation, transmission and distribution, conversion, storage, consumption, trade organic coordination and optimization of such links, improve the efficiency of energy utilization, realize the pluripotent complementary and integration comprehensive utilization, energy more collaborative operation optimization, realize the scale production of renewable energy, realize the sustainable supply of energy, improve the flexibility and security of social energy for the target.

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