Inovating, Bridging, Leading and Sharing

An AIoT Technology Solution Pacemaker of Global Energy Internet

Inovating, Bridging, Leading and Sharing

Main Business

As a technical solution provider of Power transmission and distribution, Tengineer is a technologically advanced energy Internet enterprise. Relying on 20 years of technology accumulation in the industry, based on continuous technical achievements and application experience in the domestic market, with an international perspective, it provides end-to-end overall solutions and product systems for many countries.

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About Tengineer

As development of electricity reform, Ubiquitous Power Internet of things, comprehensive energy, Internet of Energy, Tengineer catching policy of Belt and Road and the opportunity of China manufacturing center change to the innovation centre, has carried out a number of international business cooperation, has entered the part of the national electric power company s short list, and with multiple local industry to form strategic cooperative partners. It fully reflects Tengineer leading position in the industry as the leader of global energy Internet AIoT technology solutions, and sets up a new image of Chinas high-tech enterprises in the world.

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