Product Design and Technical Scheme

Since its establishment, Tengineer AIoT Co. has provided product design and technical solutions for dozens of Power IoT manufacturers and integrators, including products based on Chinese national and industry standards and international standards, covering electronic meters and smart meters, data concentrators/collectors, communication modules, distribution terminals, medium and low voltage intelligent sensors, video acquisition units, anti-tamper monitoring equipment, charging equipment, etc. Tengineer AIoT Co. has always been committed to the exploration and development of the frontier technology of Power IoT, united with North China Electric Power University and Tsinghua University have developed Energy Controllers and Energy Routers based on network design languages and many patented technologies for the pain points and difficulties of the last mile of electricity network.

We can not only provide you with product design and development, we hope to help local companies in your country to improve the build capacity, we can provide advice for your local plant construction, and provide you with a comprehensive capacity construction program in the form of technical export.

If you have a product design and development demands for the Power IoT, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send your technical specifications or just an idea to our email address:

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