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Energy Internet (Comprehensive energy )

"Internet +" smart energy (energy Internet for short) is a new form of energy industry development that is deeply integrated with the Internet and energy production, transmission, storage, consumption and energy market. It is characterized by intelligent equipment, multi-energy cooperation, information symmetry, decentralized supply and demand, flat system, and open trading.

System overview:

In the field of energy Internet (Comprehensive energy), Tengineer AIoT develops equipment, platforms and application systems through the use of energy Internet, Internet of things, energy planning and operation, multi-energy complementary optimization, energy efficiency analysis and energy conservation management and other energy Internet automation technologies.

Based on energy Internet automation technology, a number of new technology products have been developed, including energy Internet comprehensive control system, comprehensive energy information acquisition system, multi-table centralized reading system, multi-energy system coordination and control, scheduling and operation system, and computing platform of distributed power access system.

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