Main Business

Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS)

Mini RTU

Main functions

1. local status indication

Power, operating status, communication status, signal strength, etc.

2. communication interface

1 way rs485, 1 way rs232.

3. remote signaling interface

4 remote signal input and 2 remote output control.

4. status remote reporting function.

5. debugging interface.

6. transparent transmission function.

7. Ethernet communication

It can communicate with the primary station via Ethernet fiber.

8. Support IEC 101, IEC 104, DNP3.0 protocal.

9. software upgrades

Software upgrades can be made via usb.

Support the main station to remote-software download and upgrade of mini-rtu, and support breakpoint resume transmission mode, but does     not support SMS communication upgrade.

10. remote initialization (extended function).

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