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Tenginner wisdom s 2019 smart measurement alliance summit trip came to a successful conclusion!


The 2019 China intelligent measurement industry technology innovation strategic alliance summit is held at the national convention center in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 16-17, 2019.The summit to "intelligent measurement, pan in union" as the theme, collected from industry upstream and downstream related enterprises, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industry association and overseas agency participation, promote the development of China s intelligent measurement industry technology innovation alliance, promote exchanges and cooperation between alliance members, promote the intelligent measurement industrial upgrading, create a good and orderly market environment. Beijing Tenginner Co., ltd. actively participated in the exhibition.

With the development concept of "innovation, connection, leadership and sharing", Beijing Tengineer AIoT Tech. Co., Ltd. is always committed to becoming the leader of global energy Internet AIoT technology solutions.

Founded in 2013, the company is rooted in north China electric power university, and relies on research institutes such as Tsinghua university and Chinese Northern Electric University. The core team is from well-known domestic power intelligent equipment suppliers such as Wasion, Nanrui, Sifang and Xu Ji, and has worked in the power industry for more than 15 years on average. The company has always been deeply engaged in IDH(third-party chip value-added service) deepening application in the power Internet of things industry, providing hardware and software design solutions for more than 60 core suppliers of state grid, China southern power grid and Inner Mongolia power grid. At present, it has become a well-known energy Internet AIoT solution expert in the industry.

Based on the current situation, looking internationally, and actively responding to the national One Belt And One Road initiative, Beijing Tengineer AIoT Tech. Co., Ltd. has gone abroad in 2018 and formed a breakthrough in the advantageous market, entered the short list of power companies in many countries, and signed cooperation agreements with a number of local industrial partners to jointly develop the local market. Beijing Tengineer AIoT Tech. Co., Ltd. will continue to forge ahead and become the industry leader!

With the momentum of mass innovation,

To connect the world.

To  Lead industry trends in uncertain times,

To Share with global partners in open manners.

To Innovate, to connect, to lead and to share.

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