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Group building activity in 2019


Activity purpose:

1. In order to enable new employees to integrate into the group more quickly

2. Active team atmosphere, release work pressure, combine work with rest, work happily, and get moon and spiritual satisfaction

3. Promote communication and cooperation among employees in the department, deepen mutual understanding and improve work efficiency

4. Enhance the sense of collective honor of the team and create a harmonious and cooperative collective atmosphere

5. Enhance employees' sense of belonging

Our company organized the all-member youth league activity on August 16, 2019.By the new staff composed of seven volunteer team, assist management staff to organize everyone to play.

At 7 am on August 16th, all the members arrived as promised. Count the number of people by the volunteer group, distribute breakfast, and set out on time to the first destination: Langya mountain Longmen lake beach happy world.

After more than three hours of turbulence, finally reached the destination.

Arrange your check-in and lunch, change your clothes, and enjoy the rich water entertainment.

Breathtaking and exciting roller coaster, choppy super wave pool, beautiful and romantic beach, galloping rainbow slide, leaving everyone's laughter and good memories, seems to let everyone forget the troubles of life, the pressure of work. Return to the hotel on time for dinner at the end of the first day.

At 7:30 am the next day, we followed the red footprints to the second destination - Langya mountain.


From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain will take at least three hours, we shed happy sweat all the way, climbing the mountain tempered our willpower and perseverance. Climb to the top of the mountain, a glance, green mountains and blue sky, beautiful scenery everywher. A lot of people step on the glass walkway and challenge themselves!

After descending the mountain, everyone returned to the hotel for a sumptuous lunch, and the journey of Langya mountain came to an end.

After lunch, we set off by car for the Ten-crossing mountain rafting.

The edit and partners played after thesky has been dark, fortunately, we insist on waiting, to play rafting, although queuing for three hours but happiness for ten minutes of, this is still an unforgettable experience.

Day was getting late, and it was nine o 'clock after dinner. After more than an hour's drive, we arrived at the Ganoderma villa. After washing, everyone fell into a deep sleep.

The last day, after eating breakfast, we came to the AAAA level scenic spot "Taihang beloved" Bai Li gorge. The whole length of the valley is 105 li. The valley is full of strange rocks, precipitous cliffs, vegetation and flowing water ., dangerous, strange, secluded as a whole, constitute a heavy and colorful nature "gallery" valley.


After lunch, we headed home. Thanks to the company to give such an opportunity, let our team have more understanding and deepen each other's friendship, in the league, can be summed up with the following key words: happy, unity, persistence, inspiration.

Finally, the group building activity in 2019 has come to a successful conclusion!

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